Do the Dishes Tomorrow flour sack kitchen towel

Nourishing Notes

$ 16.00
Do the Dishes Tomorrow flour sack kitchen towel
"Do the Dishes Tomorrow" comes from our love of wanting to chat until the wee hours of the morning with friends & family - and worry about those dishes tomorrow. We're big fans of pouring one more glass of wine, chatting and laughing until our sides hurt.

Towel is approx. 28" x 28" made of unbleached (natural color - not bright white) 100% cotton. All edges are hemmed.

Type is large - so large you might just want to hang it on your wall above the counter where you have an adorable set of vintage flour + sugar containers. But you really can use it as a towel too. Folded up hanging next to your stove, those letters are darn cute!

Makes an awesome wedding, hostess, bridal shower, or friendship gift.

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