Welcome to Winooski!

Welcome to Winooski, the original home of Golden Hour Gift Co! (Formerly, Birdfolk Collective). The place where the magic began, seven years ago!  Located just 10 minutes east of Burlington, Winooski is nestled in its own little neighborhood of coffee stops, lunch spots, and record shops. We love this tiny town and the creativity that blooms here, it really felt like the right home for our shop.  We felt like we opened a treasure trove of handmade goods, local art, and the kind of creativity you can't find just anywhere. This store is so special to us and to our community.  We have so much love & appreciation for every customer we get to meet,  from popping in for a birthday card on you way home from work, visitors from out of state stopping by the area, browsing on your lunch breaks, or a pit stop while waiting on brunch reservations. It’s an easy, turn your mind off and get lost in the shelves kind of experience.