Well hello heat wave in June!  
With the weather in Vermont this week quietly creeping into the 90’s and the humidity quickly thickening the air….we decided we needed to gather some goodies to cool us off.  Check out some products we will be keeping near by as we navigate into the new season of Summer. Picture cold drinks, pool floaties, 70’s inspired sunglasses, koozies to keep your seltzers fresh, and sunscreen to keep your skin safe.  Are we missing anything?  Let us know, what are your top Summer necessities.  

First off : We do love us some linen.  It’s simple, it’s breathable, it’s on trend.  Add some shades into the mix and look, now you’re ready for music in the park, a walk to get coffee, or even just to hang on the back porch.  Might we even suggest a sunhat for total protection? What if we said it matches….perfectly? 
Don’t mind if we do! Adds to cart! 


We cannot, I repeat, cannot keep these sunscreens on the shelves.  Sparkles make us happy, sunscreen keeps us safe.  And they smell like happiness.  


Summer wouldn't be complete without a trip to the beach, pool, river....or really any body of water that will cool us off on these hot & humid days.  Grab your floaties, beach towels, and cocktail or mocktail of choice and enjoy!  

Seltzer Slut Koozie / Baggu Pouches, The Good Shit Tumbler, Rainbow Pool Floaty, Daisy Beach Towel

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