Sidewalk Chalk Sidewalk Chalk

Ashley Frisoli

Who's excited for Spring??  ME! And the rest of Burlington/Winooski. Way up north here in VT, the whole state patiently waits through the long winter for the few best months of the year. And they're finally here! This week we had the first official really nice day, and it seems like people all over the entire state find an excuse to get outside. Well we have another excuse...unicorn sidewalk chalk!   Gemstone Sidewalk Chalk Another cute and colorful set we have is Alphabet Sidewalk Chalk! We are out of pictures so to see these cute guys you'll have to visit us...

Recycled Skateboard Jewelry & Accessories Recycled Skateboard Jewelry & Accessories

Ashley Frisoli

Hey friends! Nicole, the baddest shop owner in all of the land, discovered an amazing art company, MapleXO that uses recycled skateboards and industrial skateboard waste to make jewelry and accessories. They even recycle vibrant skateboard wheels to be used as small, succulent planters. Whattttt? No way. Too kewl.  Check out the fun, colorful selection of jewelry, planters and bottle openers we carry!     Pretty nifty, huh! We think so. Thanks for looking:) -Ashley

New Cards and Prints by Jess Polanshek New Cards and Prints by Jess Polanshek

Ashley Frisoli

Hey People, Do you love the local VT artist, Jess Polanshek, also known by Polanshek of the Hills? We do! One thing that I admire about her as an artist myself is that she never stops making! A tag she uses often on Instagram sums up her tenacity, #Makersgonnamake. It seems that every week she reveals a new series of work. We are the lucky to be one of the few shops that sells her new series entitled, Collector!     All designs in Jess's "Collector" series are available as art cards, 5"x7" Prints and 8"x10" Prints! They're even more...

New Pottery! Aurora Bryte, Elizabeth Benotti & Kelsey Jo Flatoff New Pottery! Aurora Bryte, Elizabeth Benotti & Kelsey Jo Flatoff

Spring is just around the corner! Brighten up your home with succulents and ceramic planters from artists Aurora Bryte Pottery, Elizabeth Benotti, and Kelsey Jo Flatoff. Hanging Green Mountain macrame planters by Aurora Bryte Pottery Assorted planters by Elizabeth Benotti Planters by Kelsey Jo Flatoff Mix & match your planter with our many plant babies! Take care of your plant babies by following these tips: DON’T OVERWATER YOUR PLANTS... THEY WILL DIE! Water only when the soil is dry! Don’t water if the soil is wet! If it takes 2 weeks for the soil to dry, then water in 2 weeks. If...

candles, candles, candles! candles, candles, candles!

Ashley Frisoli

Oh my candle. We are fully stocked on these guys. There isn't a scent that we do not love from our vendors - Let's Put a Bird on It, Falling Into Place and Brooklyn Candle Studio. Look below to find out all of the scents that we carry, burn time by volume and then discover a helpful tip on how to get the most out of your candle.  Let's Put a Bird on It Scents we carry: Apricot + Fig, Basil Lily, Coconut Vanilla, Gardenia + Honeysuckle, Moonshine, Satsuma Volume: 6-7.5oz Burn Time: 60 hours Falling Into Place Scents we...