Honeycomb Knit Fingerless Gloves // Navy Blue


$ 38.00
Knit Fingerless Gloves, Hand Knitted Fingerless Mittens, Chunky Knit with Strap in Navy Blue Wool

These knit fingerless gloves are hand knit with bulky yarn and have great texture created though a honeycomb stitch. They feature a ribbed cuff, a faux strap, and copper-colored button along the wrist.

Fingerless mittens are stylish and practical! They keep your hands warm but leave your fingers free to type, text, craft, or whatever the case may be. Wool naturally insulates and is quite durable, making it a better choice for knitwear construction than plasticky man-made fibers.

Material: Peruvian highland wool
Color: navy blue
Length: 7 inches
Width around: 7 inches, unstretched

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