"I'm Not Lion" Diaper Cover - WATERBURY

Barrel and a Heap

$ 20.00
Let’s face it. Diapers are ugly and most diaper covers are boring. But they don’t have to be. Baby doesn't need to be embarrassed to go without pants any longer! Not only are these diaper covers lined with PUL fabric to make them water resistant, they’re crazy cute on the outside. They’re not made with any fleece of flannel, which makes them super breathable while still providing lots of wetness protection (so you don’t have to change their clothes 12 times a day anymore). These covers are made with a little extra room and are best used with tri fold or flat diapers.

Each cover has 3 snaps so they’re adjustable and grow with them as they get bigger (and start walking, talking, and trying to use a spoon). Your baby isn't a baby anymore? These are a great potty training tool. Just snap them on over the underwear so you don’t have to follow the little one around with paper towels and carpet cleaner.

Small- fits 8-20 lbs (approx.)

Cleanup is a breeze. Not too big of a mess? Simply rinse and dry (hang dry or in the dryer). Bigger mess? Throw it in the washer with the cloth diapers and dry on the line or in the dryer. Just make sure that the snaps are snapped, please.

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