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      birdfolkcollective — birds

      Sarah Edmonds Illustration

      Sarah Edmonds Illustration

      Why We Love UK Illustrator, Sarah Edmonds

      We Love United Kingdom Illustrator, Sarah Edmonds and She Loves Us

      It's no surprise that at Birdfolk Collective, we're crazy about birds! That's why even after recreating the Portlandia sketch, "Put A Bird On It" where we went around the store and literally put a bird on everything, we said, "MORE BIRDS!" And thus, we located the artwork of Sarah Edmonds on Etsy. Sarah is an illustrator, printmaker and book artist from Brighton, England who specializes in bird-law (Always Sunny Reference). Okay I'll stop with the hilarious TV references. Back on track here, we carry Sarah's cards and prints in various sizes that will make your friends, or yourself want to grab their bird watching gear and hit the marsh. We also carry other (gasp) non-bird related prints - and, side note, we didn't actually put a bird on everything in the store. Only some things;-). So, why cross the big pond to acquire bird-related artwork that we could possibly find locally?

      Sarah's art embodies the youthful spirit that our customers identify with. Each print, whether it includes birds themselves or birding supplies, is vibrant and lively. It's no wonder then, that in addition to being an illustrator, Sarah writes and illustrates children's books.

      As for Sarah's prints, the freshness that characterizes each is undoubtably a result of her multi-stepped process that blends sketchbook work with digital techniques. Sarah makes drawings with media that allow her to play, like crayons, paint, ink and pastels. She photographs textures from her environment that inspire her, such as sand or paint on the wall, which she scans into Photoshop and embeds in her images. She enjoys building up layers of color and texture to make objects stand out, and then takes individual images, like binoculars or the backpack, and arranges them in such a way that they create movement in the composition. Her vibrant color palette adds vitality to each image, and so the fun character of Sarah's art is why even in the small town of Winooski, VT (1/2-square-mile-small!) Birdfolk carries bird cards and prints all the way from the UK!







      Edward's illustrations have a tongue-in-cheek attitude and a hilarity to them that at Birdfolk, we connect with and we believe our customers do too. The print such as Lettuce party, can stir up (or allow us to reminisce) in our childhood fear that inanimate objects - including vegetables - come to life either when we are asleep or not watching. Just like the tomato rocking out in the spot light of Sarah's print, the tomatoes in your vegetable bowl get up in the middle of the night and dance in the moon light. I'm saying this with 95% certainty. 

      And last but certainly not least, Sarah's prints are informative! For example, they provide the layman birder with information regarding different species of boobies and tits. This should come in handy on several occasions such as at a dinner party, at the office, OR at a dinner party with your boss. Now, for some words of wisdom: A UVM professor once told me, "Hold onto everything you've ever learned, as you never know when the information will help you to stand out and get ahead." -- this must be what he was talking about! 

      Sarah hopes one day to visit Winooski, as Birdfolk Collective is her dream shop!

      Very sweet, right? We hope that she visits us, too! 


      If you are looking for gifts for your avian-enthusiast friend or for yourself, then stop by Birdfolk Collective in Winooski at 17 East Allen Street (Top of the Winooski Circle) or shop online at birdfolkcollective.com